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Sustainable crops

At The Real we reduce our carbon footprint by developing a local supply without losing efficiency. We also select raw materials that require less water and energy consumption, we use clean production technologies and we promote sustainable packaging.

At present, 80% of our vegetable crops come from crops in Navarra, La Rioja and Cuenca, where our plants are located. We supply from 430 hectares cultivated by local farmers on the side of the Ebro river, in northern Spain. This is an extensive agricultural area characterized by the quality of its land and the know-how of the people who work it. The Real keeps a close cooperative relationship with all the farmers. We agree with them the most suitable raw materials and seeds, the irrigation and crop treatments and the optimal time of harvest.

At The Real we guarantee freshness and the preservation of nutrients. We accomplish the TRGF 24-hour commitment: all our products are packed within a few hours of their collection and always on the same day.