The Real Food

We are The Real Green Food Co. and we want to contribute to people’s health and well-being by offering innovative and competitive plant solutions that respect the naturalness of food and are adapted to the lifestyle of consumers. We stand up to ‘fake food’ with real values ​​and we want to contribute to the growth of the vegetable protein culture.

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The Real Food

Socially sustainable

Sustainability requires sustainable attitudes. Among them, eating more plant-based foods We seek to reduce our carbon footprint by improving proximity supply without losing efficiency. We select raw materials that require less water and energy consumption, we use clean technologies and we promote sustainable packaging.

We contribute to eating healthier

Many current studies support the benefits of a plant-based foods diet. Convinced of these benefits, we promote their consumption. The Real offers healthy foods that promote the consumption of vegetables and are an ideal alternative to animal protein.

We offer fresh, natural and tasty products

We ensure the freshness and naturalness of our products. At The Real, all our products are manufactured the same day they are collected. In addition, we minimize the use of non-vegetable preservatives to keep the flavour natural. We keep investigating and innovating so that, we are developing a new project to use only vegetable preservatives among our ingredients.